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December 29, 2012
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Recap on Part 22

After Naruto got hit by an ambulance Sir Ibiki gave Sasuke a tape recorder that supposedly holds the reason to why Naruto slept with Karin. So far we've learnt about Naruto's past and how he grew up until he met Kurama
When Naruto finally came to he found himself in the arms of the stranger, Kurama.

"What happened?" he blinked his eyes.

Kurama's eyes widened and he abruptly let go of the young boy. He was embarrassed for some reason, I suppose it was because he wasn't used to showing his feelings or emotions to people, especially to children.

"You looked at youR reflection in the shelf then you passed out." Kurama told him.

"Reflection?" Naruto frowned. He gasped, "My face!"

The blonde jolted off the couch and ran to the cupboard to stare at his face once more. Placing a hand on his cheek he showered in angst. "I'm ugly!" he exclaimed.

"Naruto, it's not as bad as you think." Kurama rolled his eyes.

"I'm hideous!" Naruto turned to Kurama then covered his face. "Don't look at me." he sobbed.

"Naruto..." Kurama rose to his feet and walked to the crying boy. He knelt down before him and placed his hands on his shoulders. "Why are you crying?"

"Nothing ever goes right for me." Naruto cried, "Bad things always happen to me, and it sucks!"

"Naruto, don't worry about it, it's just a little scar-"

"I'm not talking about the scars. I'm talking about everything that has happened in my life." Naruto looked at him, "It's just one bad thing after another for me."
***~***~***~***~***~ **

"When I was captured and beaten by Orochimaru..." he placed a hand on his scars, "...and I thought I was going to die... I was trying to think of at least one... reason to live." Naruto told them.

"Did you come up with any reason?" Sir Ibiki asked.

"...No, not even one. I had no reasons to live, nothing and no one to live for." Naurto looked at them. "I was alone and unloved. So I was surprised when I woke up in the hospital only to see Kurama's face. At that moment I wondered if..."
***~***~***~***~***~ **

"Naruto, listen to me." Kurama cocked his head up by the chin and stared into his blue eyes, "You're not alone anymore."

"I've always been alone, that's not going to change."

"I'm telling you right now that you're not."

"What makes you so sure?"

"You have me!" Kurama stared at him, Naruto stared back.

"Master Kurama, I have your sco-"

Kurama stood upright and walked to her, grabbing the scotch from the tray and guzzling it down before she could even finish the word. Naruto watched him, still surprised by what he said. Kurama looked surprised as well when he asked for another shot of the drink.
"Okay." responded Mary. She headed to the kitchen.

"We should go." Kurama cleared his throat.

"Where?" Naruto's eyes glistened at him.

"If you're going to be living with me you're going to have to live up to my standards."

"Living with you?"

"Do you prefer living in a box?"

"No but-"

"Then let's go shopping." Kurama grabbed his coat.

"Living with you?" Naruto smiled looking around the living room.

"Mary!" Kurama called, "Get one of the guest rooms ready upstairs, the kid's staying with us tonight." He walked to the front door. "What are you doing there?" Kurama asked Naruto.

"Me?" Naruto looked at him.

"Did you not hear me? I said we're going shopping, let's go." Kurama opened the door and walked out.
After a few moments of thought, Naruto ran out the front door and into the car on the driveway.
After literally rampaging through the mall and buying clothes for Naruto that would help him achieve 'Kurama's living standards' they arrived at the mansion where a bunch of butlers brought in an endless amount of bags with different brand names on them.

"That went well don't you think?" Kurama looked down at him. It was sunset and the boy was exhausted. "Are you hungry?" Naruto nodded at his new care taker. "Mary!" Kurama called.

"Yes, Master Kurama?!" Mary exited the kitchen.

"Show Naruto to his room and tell whoever is in the kitchen to make something nice for dinner. I'll be in my office." Kurama headed upstairs. Naruto turned to Mary.

"You and Kurama seem to getting along quite nicely." Mary held his hand as she helped him get up the stairs.

"Umm... I think so..." Naruto blinked his eyes.

"You're going to be staying here tonight... That's a good start don't you think?" Mary smiled at him, "The last time you were here he kicked you out."

Naruto slightly jumped remembering the incident. "Oh yeah..." he rubbed the back of his neck, "I remember that..."

Mary chuckled as they got on the last step, "I think he has become fond of you."


"Yes. He's not very open to new comers."

"Oh..." Naruto blinked his eyes.

"You're room is right in here..." Mary opened a door revealing a very large bed room with a large bed and a small sitting area with a large flat screen T.V.

"Wow!" Naruto exclaimed looking around the well organized room.

"Do you like it?"

"It's amazing!"

"I'm glad to hear that." Mary smiled at him, "All your clothes are being packed and arranged in the wardrobe over there." Naruto turned to look at the maids packing his new clothes in the large wooden wardrobe. "You may go inside if you wish; the bathroom is through that door." Mary pointed at the wooden door straight ahead. "If you need anything call me, I'm heading to the kitchen to make dinner okay?" she smiled. Naruto nodded smiling back at her. "I hope you will like it here Naruto." Mary smiled then headed down to the kitchen.

Naruto held a grin on his face when he walked into the room. He noticed that Kyuubi had already been placed on his bed, within the pillows. "Oh, I was wondering where I left you." Naruto climbed onto the large bed and grinned some more. Not sure what think about Kuramas' sudden change in heart, Naruto lay back on his bed with a smile on his face.

A couple of hours later after he took his bath and changed into the orange pajamas that Kurama bought for him, he was called for dinner downstairs. Enthusiastically, he ran down the steps. He was starving!
Mary led him into the dining room where Kurama was seated waiting for him.

"How do you like your room?" Kurama asked him as he took a seat opposite him.

"It's very nice." Naruto grinned, "Kyuubi likes it too."

"Does he?" Kurama arched an eyebrow.

"Mhm!" Naruto nodded.

Just then, Mary walked into the dining room with two bowls of hot noodles (Or what looked like noodles). She placed them on front of the two then gave a light bow before walking out of the dining room. Naruto began to drool after taking a whiff of the attractive aroma.

Do you like what you see?" Kurama gave a light smile.

"It smells delicious."  Naruto was tempted.

"Well don't just stare it. Dig in." Kurama grabbed hold of the chop sticks that came with his food and began to eat. Soon after, Naruto did the same. His eyes widened at the first bite the food before him.

"Do you like it?" asked Kurama.

"It's delicious! What is this?" Naruto wanted to know.

"Ramen." Kurama replied, "It's my favorite."

"I've never had this before."

"It's a Japanese delicacy."

"It's amazing." And before he knew it, Naruto was done with his share of ramen. Kurama was surprised at how fast he ate considering the fact that it was flaming hot.

"Would you like some more?"

"I'm stuffed." Naruto held his belly as he leaned back on his chair, "Thank you." He grinned. Kurama smiled and went on eating.

It was quiet between them for a while.

"Why did you save me from Orochimaru?" Naruto sat up and looked at him. Kurama 's eyes did not move from his bowl of Ramen when he froze at the question.
It was quiet between them again.
"Why did you bring me into your home?" Naruto wanted to know. Kurama was tense.  "Should I consider you as my friend now?" Naruto sighed. His eye sight did not waver from his new care taker. His care taker's eyes did not waver from the bowl of Ramen. "Kurama-"

"You should go to bed." Kurama rose to his feet.

"Why aren't you answering my questions-"

"You're questions are irrelevant. Be thankful that you have a home now." Kurama looked at him with a frown, "That is my answer." Kurama walked out of the dining room.

Naruto looked at his half full bowl of Ramen. "Home?" he thought to himself.

"Don't mind Kurama. That's just how he is." Mary tucked Naruto into bed.

"Is he mad at me?" Naruto asked regretting asking him the questions.

"I doubt that he is." Mary smiled at him, "Like I said, he has become fond of you."

Naruto looked at her. "Why did he get mad when I wore those old clothes?"

Mary's eyes opened at the question. "I'm surprised you still remember that..."

"He kicked me out."

Mary sighed. "I can't answer that question."

"Why not?"

"It's not my place to answer it." Mary rose to her feet. "You should get some sleep." She looked at her. "Tomorrow will be different. Maybe you can ask him then."

Naruto smiled and nodded.

"Goodnight." Mary walked to the door, "Just be thankful okay Naruto?" she turned off the lights and walked out.

The moonlight shone bright into the room through the window. Naruto lay staring out at the stars in the dark sky with a smile on his face.
***~***~***~***~***~ **
"At that moment I wondered if... I finally found my one reason for living..." Naruto smiled.

"Kurama means that much to you..." Sir Ibiki smiled.

"Actually I was referring to Ramen."
***~***~***~***~***~ *****~***~***~***~***~ *****~***~***~***~***~ **

Tsunade walked into the waiting room where Karin was.

"Doctor!" Karin stood up, "How's Naruto?"
Doctor Tsunade looked down.

"What is it? Is he alright?" Karin sounded concerned. Tsunade didn't respond. "Doctor!"

I am terribly sorry for not updating PHTG; to be honest I got so hang up on school and other works that I eventually became lazy and even stopped visiting Deviant Art. Believe me when I say I am TRULY, TRULY sorry and I only hope that you guys can forgive me. As you know I had such big hopes for my SasuNaru fanfics but that was BEFORE I started my A-levels and crying in my pillow every night.
It isn't much and it isn't interesting but I hope you liked it and haven;t forgotten.
Again, I am truly sorry for my incompetence, I only hope for your forgiveness and support. –Iheartyou101

Part 22(7 of 10) -------> [link]
Part 22(9 of 10) -------> [link]
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